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Welcome to the Knights of Columbus, William J. Sheady Council 1507

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Charity, Unity, Fraternity

Important notice to all Parishioners concerning COVID 19 from the Diocese of Hamilton & the desk of Father Ian Duffy. 

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Who are the Knights of Columbus anyway?

The Knights of Columbus are stalwarts of the community and are dedicated to the church, family and community.

What else do the Knights do?

Since its inception, the Knights have always looked out for one another, and offer one of the most respected and stable insurance programs in the world. Among the cost effective offerings available are disability insurance and wide ranging investments.

What can the Knights offer me?

We are an international, fraternal organization that wholeheartedly involves itself in local, regional and international charitable causes.

What do I need to join?


You need only three things to become a Knight of Columbus:

1. Be a practising Catholic gentleman;

2. Be 18 years of age or older and 

3. Be willing to serve your fellow man.


Until further notice, due to the current situation in regards to the Coronavirus COVID 19, all meetings at the Basilica have been cancelled. Read the info at the top of this page marked in blue & gray for details.