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Officers for Council 1507


Grand Knight — Craig Chamberlain, gk1507 *at* ontariokofc *dot* ca

Deputy Grand Knight — Marian Zarnovean

Recording Secretary — Alex Petric, worthyrecorder1507 *at* gmail *dot* com
Financial Secretary — Horst Donner
Treasurer — Bonaventure Montin

Chaplain — Fr. Ian Duffy

Advocate — Brandon Cox, worthyadvocate1507 *at* gmail *dot* com

Lecturer — Ralph Tersigni
Chancellor — Marty Cutting
Guard — Abin Joseph, Denis Depratto, Fernando Subang
Trustees —
Michael Manera, Ralph Tersigni, Dieudonné Harahagazwe

Warden — Alex Magyar

Webmaster — Alex Petric (interim)

Basilica of Our Lady Stewardship Committee Liaison — Don Locke

Holy Rosary Stewardship Council and Round Table Liaison — Marian Zarnovean

St. John Bosco Catholic School Liaison — Andrew Emile

Community Director — Don Locke

Membership Director — Denis Depratto

Communications Officer — Alex Petric

Safe Environment Protocol Officer — Brandon Cox

To learn more about duties and responsibilities of council positions, click the pdf below:

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